Potato Chips—A Love Story

By Allison Daskam

Over the holidays, my family's conversations were filled with, "Do you remember the time when...?" The ensuing story—not its first telling, to be sure—excavated fond memories, helped us remember a loved one or made us laugh. No matter the story, though, it always brought us together.

One of my favorite family memories is a love story involving potato chips and a circuitous route to get them.

Art or Science?

Art and science occupy different spheres of history but share a commonality of finesse and function.

The paintings of Leonardo da Vinci are among the most famed in the world. The "Mona Lisa" alone, valued at nearly $800M, is viewed by roughly six million people each year. Da Vinci holds a top ranking in the Renaissance movement, but his artistry was grounded in science.